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|| my future non-profit plans:

 Iceland / Osaka, Japan / Lviv, Ukraine / Aland, Finland -- to make lots of digital photographs & minidisc audio, write an online "as it happens" multimedia diary about my experiences. Are there any tourist boards out there who might have a spare place on a future press "familiarisation visit"? If so, then please e-mail me!

 1) Find unselfconscious models, people who wants to have photos made which are more arty, abstract and (maybe) minimalist than usual. Is that you? Want free portfolio photos? Please e-mail me!
 2) Be a "Photographer In Residence" for a month, or for a well-lit event, or indeed anywhere interesting and inspiring. Know somewhere? Please e-mail me.
 3) A second solo show; my first was over two floors at a large public Stoke-on-Trent gallery from Dec 2004 to Feb 2005.

 1) Be brave enough to publish online the dozen poems I've so far had printed in the UK's legitimate small poetry magazines. Write more poems, then publish my first collection (in paper form).
 2) Write an e-book that will sell like there's no tomorrow. My History of Burslem is not doing too badly, but it's in paper form and only has local interest.
 3) Write a regular paid column for a publication, online or offline. As a freelancer I provided over 10,000 words of copy ( sample review / sample interview), 100 photos, and listings for the launch of artsnet during 2002/3, based on my insider's view of the West Midlands arts & media scene.
 4) Become known for providing high-quality work in the researching and providing of specialised listings; as I've already done for Digita and Creative Stoke, and on commission from Channel 4.
 5) Polish up my ideas and drafts into proper comic-book and/or radio-play scripts.

 Make more fonts, make better fonts, sell more fonts.

 1) Make a second album.
 2) Make some vox-pop audio documentaries for the web, using my minidisc recorder, Sound Forge, my Fuji F601z, and my degree training in radio-production.

 1) I haven't done any since I made pop promo's for Basti and The Jazz Butcher in the early 90s. Now I have a digital video camera and editing software I really should try my hand at it again.
 2) Create more generative 'visual music' works like this one.
 3) Do a short-term video weblog; I've already created a template site for it.

 My very own freehold & no-mortgage house. After much planning I bought it outright in 2002. Since then it's quadrupled in value, and is currently rising in value (Spring 2005) by around £300 a week! See my ongoing blog for more information.

  Following the successful conclusion of my 12-week artist's public-art commission & the work I created at re:location, I'd love to try out some more landscape art sometime; embedding &/or constructing materials in a larger way in a landscape. One day I'll buy a 10-acre wood, take a course in chainsaw-art, and it'll happen.

 Moggie as project? One fine day, once my new house is sorted out & my finances have recovered, I'll have a British Blue cat of my own. I'll have to make do with that until I can find a long-term partner, I suppose




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