Totally locked out of my Flickr account

Sigh. I’m totally locked out of my Flickr account, which I have had for years and which has thousands of photos. Access suddenly stopped working. According to Yahoo, there’s no way to recover it…

“Before we can assist someone with a Flickr account, we need to verify that they’re the owner. To do this, we need to ask questions based on the information that appears on it. The information we normally look for is not present on the account that you’re asking for help with, so we have no way to assist you.”

It seems they’ve totally lost the account information at their end, including things like secret questions. I knew they were crap at keeping track of their data, but I didn’t until now realise quite how crap.

I responded asking to escalate the case to be dealt with by a line-manager, but within seconds had an auto-response…

“We’ve closed your case as we believe we’ve fully addressed it.”

This is how Flickr and Yahoo treat customers they’ve had for more than a decade.

Birmingham like Paris

Birmingham New St. toward the Town Hall, circa 1900-1912? Looking like Paris. Lightly repaired and colorised…

The silent film “Light-House Keepers”, seen being advertised, can’t give a firm fix on the date as it appears to be a ‘forgotten movie’.

Prospect of Bermingham (1600s)

Public domain and hi-res: “The Prospect of Bermingham, from Ravenshurst (neere London-road) on the South-east part of towne (Birmingham).” Wenceslaus Hollar of Bohemia. Might have been made at any time from around 1625-1660.

Plus the British fashions of the time, by the same artist. The inscribed date on the muffs (engraved 1644 from an 1640 sketch) suggests he was in England then. Which may help to more precisely date the Birmingham view, to either the late summer of 1639 or the spring/summer of 1640.

£10m funding for Black Country Living Museum

Excellent news, £10m funding for Black Country Living Museum to create 450 jobs. The £10m from the Lottery will then lead into a…

“second-round application to the Heritage Lottery Fund in October 2018 to release the rest of the funding [a “£21.7m project”]. If successful, construction will begin with a view to be completed in 2022.”

Senior Lecturer in Games Art

Lovely job… Coventry University wants a Senior Lecturer in Games Art, at up to £52k full-time. Ref: REQ005098.

1000 volunteer mentors needed

The new elected Mayor of the inner West Midlands is seeking 1000 volunteer mentors to help guide unemployed young people into the world of work. Sounds good. Though so far as I can tell it only covers the inner ‘Greater Birmingham’ bit of the West Midlands, not the real West Midlands.

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Jobs

Vacancies for Casual Gallery Assistants at The New Art Gallery Walsall. REF: EE02017. Deadline: 18th June 2017.

Obviously not closed yet, then.


Comics at Leeds

Not local, but an excellent opportunity: currently wanted is a Course Leader for B.A. (Hons.) Comic and Concept Art at Leeds College of Art.

Big maps of Brum

Late Victorian O.S. maps of Birmingham, at a huge 1:2500 scale, with zoom. The map sheets must surely be public domain by now, but sadly there’s an ‘All Rights Reserved’ notice.


Celebrate Delia Derbyshire’s 80th birthday at Coventry Music Museum. Delia was the pioneering musician who adapted and recorded Ron Grainer’s classic Doctor Who theme for electronic music, and later helped to inspire the late 1970s wave of sci-fi electropop (John Foxx, early Gary Numan etc). Coventry was where Delia grew up, and there are weekend of celebratory activities, 5th-7th May 2017 — including a talk from Dick Mills (sound effects for Doctor Who) and a ‘Deliaphonic’ concert. The Coventry Music Museum has also reconstructed a part of the famous Radiophonic workshop, as a permanent display.

Apologies for the downtime

My apologies for the downtime on the this blog, from 8th-13th April 2017. My hosting provided was swapping over their database server, and it affected the database tables that WordPress needs in order to work properly. Hopefully everything has been sorted out now, and the blog seems to have been stable for the last week.

Curator of Natural Science

Curator of Natural Science at Birmingham Museums… “to lead on a number of significant projects and to research and develop Birmingham’s important collection … covering botany, entomology, zoology and earth sciences” with an initial focus on setting up child-friendly displays. Deadline: 20th March 2017.

Pull My Finger

Pull My Finger podcast pilot (and currently eight podcasts). Lead presenter Tony James not only has a great voice, he has a great offer on Fiverr: a 150-word smooth West Midlands working-class voiceover. Sounds like he’s originally from north-east Birmingham/Walsall?

Birmingham stereograph

A high-res public-domain stereograph of the station at Birmingham, England, in the later Victorian period. Should be possible to repair, and do a large format 3D view of this. Perhaps in some colorised lenticular manner. I’m not going to be the one who does that, so feel free to ‘have at it’…

I’m Entranced

A truly outstanding first hour, of a two-hour set…

* Angel Ace & Victor Prada – Entrance Music Radioshow 042 (Nov 2016) On SoundCloud:

1st hour progressive selection mixed by Victor Prada.

01. Jacob Singer – Survival Human (Gonza Rodriguez Remix) [Incepto Music]
02. Following Light – String Theory (Original Mix) [Saturate Audio]
03. Matter & Universal Harmonics – Sankara (Alex Vidal Remix) [Mistique Music]
04. Armin Van Buuren Ft. Mr. Probz – Another You (Gundamea Extended Remix) [Armind]
05. Dee Montero – Solace (BOg Remix) [Selador]
06. Techtower – Vanguard (Original Mix) [Electronic Tree]
07. Armin Van Buuren & M.I.K.E. – Intruder (Gai Barone Extended Remix) [Armind]
08. Andrea Bertolini – Types & Genres (Original Mix) [Iboga Records]
09. Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor – Tiger (Original Mix) [Jee Productions]
10. Leo G – Supersonic (Gai Barone Remix) [Pure Trance Progressive]
11. Fredd Moz vs. Carlos De La Garza – Atardecer (Mark Found Remix) [Entrance Music]
12. Jaia & Pris Stratton – Use Your Imagination (Pris Stratton Pleasure Mix) [JOOF]

More at Entrance Music Radioshow.

Trigger warning: map-spreading

The social media accounts of Birmingham’s local councillors, mapped, all bar a few bits of Aston…

New gallery at Wightwick Manor

The William Morris -associated house near Wolverhampton, Wightwick Manor, has a new gallery opening soon.

“We’ve begun work converting the Old Malthouse into an exciting new art gallery. The gallery will open in April 2017 with the launch of our partnership with the De Morgan Foundation.”

“T’wit ‘t whooo?”

Birmingham’s local councillors now have a handy up-to-date spreadsheet listing their Twitter and Facebook accounts.


MIT Treepedia, using Google Street View to determine the extent of a city’s “green canopy” of trees, at least those visible along the roads. The website currently has a demo for 10 cities, but it seems that Green View Index comparison between a great many of the world’s cities is planned…

“we will continue to grow this database to span cities all over the globe. What does your green canopy look like?”

Sadly it seems that Birmingham is to cut its tree cover, literally. The city’s bosses plan to bow to terrorism and to cut down 25 old trees in the city centre. Obviously they’ve never read “The Scouring of the Shire” by a certain famous Brummie (who went to school just around the corner) nor learned its lessons.

Kate McGwire

Kate McGwire