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||  a modern dictionary: my translation guide for those baffled by new-speak.

This isn't just "found on the web" and pasted here; it's being created by me as I happen to hear or read actual real-life words and phrases being used on radio and in the British press. Please feel free to suggest words.

A / B / C

proactive / active

lifelong learning / adult education

full & frank discussion / argument

capsule case-study / anecdote

inappropriate / bad

perspectival / biased

strategic subsidy / a bribe

community transport infrastructure / bus service

comfortable / [polite way of saying an organisation is...] complacent

synergistic / complementary

D / E / F

disbenefit / disadvantage

multiply failed learner / a dunce

fine granularity of information / details

G / H / I

appropriate / good

facilitate / help (or aid)

lookback exercise / hindsight

J / K / L

husband skills / love

M / N / O

objets d’art / "I paid £120 for this!?"

P / Q / R

post-critical / defeated leftist intellectual

neighbourhood recreational greenspace / a park

high-density mixed community / poor area + anti-social yobs

nuanced objectivity / propaganda

intaking / recruiting

faith community / religion

re-scope / revise

S / T / U

uplifted / displayed at or taken to
(ie: "Artworks are now being selected and will be uplifted to the site in four seasons".)

path dependent / "stuck in a rut"

positing / suggesting

scope / survey

strategic move / latest fad

learning mentor / teacher

up-skilling / training

V / W / X / Y / Z

visual retail merchandising (vrm) / window dressing

issues / worries
(i.e.: "we have issues about these plans")

the digital moving image / video
(ie: creative showcases and exhibitions which use the 'digital' word to look trendy, but... "can only accept submissions on tape". It's video.)

adolescent resource centre / youth club




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