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Gothic Balls

Lee Mason has an archive and gallery of the fine posters he made for Birmingham’s Gothic Balls events, in 2005-6. Sadly the event’s organiser combined all the year’s posters into a single poster for 2007 — presumably to save money. Still a rather nice nu-real-esque poster, though… 2007 poster. And it’s a combo poster again […]

Gothic Art revival

Time Out magazine profiles the capital’s Gothic Art revival… “With a clutch of shows around mining the black depths of the human psyche, there’s a new gothic revival in town. Time Out embraces the darkness.”

TEDx Stoke: City 2.0

There was something uncannily gothic about much of today’s TEDx Stoke: City 2.0 event. The venue set the gothic mood, a vertiginous room at the very top of a high and crow-haunted tower, surrounded by a mist-shrouded landscape running away in all directions. Above: The YMCA Tower, the tallest public building in the city, on […]

Violet City

Violet City is… “an independent gothic fantasy film being shot entirely on green screen at the Liverpool Screen School” Apparently it’s a PhD project, and has taken over the whole top floor of the film school. No production pictures yet, it seems. [ Hat-tip: Mark Brereton ]

Michele Harris

Local illustrator and member of Birmingham Printmakers Michele Harris has her new “Stages” show on in Walsall, at the artist-run Chameleon Gallery (until 26th Sept 08). I like the work; gothic traceries of feathers, wings and bones… Michele is running two workshops, on 6th & 13th Sept 08 from 11am to 4pm… “We will be […]

Mysterious monsters

An interesting-sounding free exhibition is opening tomorrow at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts in Birmingham. Mysterious Depths: Dreams, Mortality and the Subconscious runs until 14th Sept 08… “An exploration of the mind, fantasies and fear of the unknown is central to this enchanting and haunting display of prints […] Three recurring and interconnected themes […]

“Who ya gonna call?”

Think you’ve got spooks? Want them investigated? The West Midlands Ghost Club makes regular field-trips. Don’t have any spooks? Not even a soot-sprite? No, I don’t believe in them either. Not inclined to sit on a camping stool in a damp dark graveyard for six hours? Well, you can always stay at home and browse […]

“Meet me at the cemetery gates…”

Large cemeteries have become rather important havens of increasingly rare large urban trees, wildlife and gothic ornamental sculpture — and even fine typography — all preserved in the heart of a rapidly changing urban environment. For now, sentiment usually prevents planners from turning run-down cemeteries into car parks or widened roads or flats. Don’t think […]

Dark fashion

Fashion takes the temperature of culture… “Medieval warriors, body armour, fabric dissolving into rags, witchcraft, and fetishistically restrictive clothing were all recurrent themes. … With such a strong influence from the darkside, it’s not going to be the easiest of seasons to love. But the good news is, we’ll be absolutely sorted come Halloween.” Diane […]


Fabness; Time Out magazine brings news of a London exhibition of Jarman’s dark paintings and sculptures, which blends neatly with the gothic revival. The article offers an enthusiastic but slightly mis-informed potted profile, and throws in a Tilda Swinton interview and other tributes for good measure. The Serpentine Gallery show (23rd Feb – 13th Apr […]

Cabinet 28

The latest weighty issue of New York’s Cabinet (No.28) looks interestingly gothic-flavoured… Among other things it explores the catacombs of Palermo, looks at the photography of medical student anatomical pranks, examines ‘the trepanation-state’, looks at the romantic avant-garde’s ‘Ruinophilia’, and generally delights in the creative misuse of bones and skeletons of all sorts. My local […]

Jacob Carter

Jacob Carter’s gothic visions of the coastline of the British Isles and the River Thames.

Sleeping & Dreaming

At Wellcome Gallery in London:— Sleeping & Dreaming, an exhibition of 300 photographs, paintings, drawings and objects across five major themes related to the gothic imagination found in sleep and dreams. Until 9th March 08.

And Did Those Feet

Unholy furry things! No sooner than I find a Terry & Gerry re-issue CD, than I discover that The Dancing Did‘s one-and-only album And Did Those Feet (Kamera, 1982) has been re-issued. The Dancing Did hailed from the misty rural Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire, and were a sort of a dark mirror-image to Virginia Astley. […]

Photography costumes

Need costumes for photography shoots, or other creative production? Or even your average Gothic Ball? Someone asked me, and I went hunting online. These seem like suitable reliable local sources in the Midlands: Pinocchio, Birmingham. “Over 3,000” in stock. Leans more toward the party and clubbing scene, it seems. Funtasia, Wolverhampton. “Over 1,000” in stock. […]

Fantasy convention double-whammy

Nice; the Midlands gets a double-whammy of easily-accessible fantasy convention wonderfulness in 2008:— Local games powerhouse developer Codemasters is organising a hefty Codemasters Online Connect 2008 event at Omega Sektor in Birmingham’s Corporation St., 14th-15th March 08. The Sektor’s 400 uber-PCs will be loaded with various Codemaster Online games such as Lord of the Rings […]


Fab; we in the UK now have our very own lowbrow art magazine Nude, to rival the likes of the perky Hi-fructose and the tired Juxtapoz. Although this is no fawning fan-boy mag for U.S. lowbrow; Nude‘s coverage of artists and other contemporary creatives is also combined with the occasional fondly nostalgic article on the […]

St. Pancras

The Times profiles the newly-refurbished St. Pancras station in London, opening in November 2007 as the station that will handle passengers on the international Birmingham-London(St.Pancras)-Paris-Brussels route. We can apparently thank the old poet laureate John Betjeman, for saving this fine neo-Gothic station from demolition. “Gilbert Scott and Barlow didn’t just build a mechanism for fast […]

postromantic II

A roughly-translated German report from the major Berliner Liste art fair talks of… “nose-pierced young collectors [dressed] in the gothic [fashion] engage in negotiations over large format paintings of the new romantic” … “drawings are visibly on the rise”. And the Wall Street Journal‘s ‘themes to watch at Fall’s art fairs’ mentions… “monumental romantic paintings” […]

Sacred selections / ARTnews

Sacred selections: An interesting new project, Sacred Selections, transcribes a range of modern underground music into the ancient form of pipe-organ music recitals. Oddly enough, ‘the return of the sacred’ is one of the very trends in art identified by the latest ARTnews. Among the other new trends are: Americana Gothic (think Edgar Allen Poe […]