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Birmingham Visual Arts Coalition

An interesting call for submissions, from the previously unknown B-VAC (Birmingham Visual Arts Coalition)… “Birmingham suffers from a lack of small-scale gallery venues that are open, approachable and accessible to artists working in contemporary ways (installation, video, sonic, digital etc), especially young and inexperienced artists. Although many venues offer a varied, interesting programme of contemporary […]

Film industry employment in the West Midlands

Oxford Economics report, The Economic Impact of the UK Film Industry, from Sept 2012. Interesting to read there (on page 30) that the West Midlands share of national “core” film industry employment was the largest in the UK, at 7.2% in 2011. Sounds nice, but sadly there was a footnote giving the explanation of the […]

Enterprise Allowance returns

News just in. The return of the old Enterprise Allowance… “Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said Tuesday that the coalition government was launching a new scheme to give eligible unemployed people £2,000 each to start a small business.” “The scheme will apply to people who have been unemployed for six months, and will […]

BVAC, 1st show

The first Birmingham Visual Arts Coalition art show, at The Works Gallery, 6th to 8th June 08.