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Direct funding for individual artists from UK arts councils

A new report from Artists’ Newsletter (aka ‘a-n’), A fair share: direct funding for individual artists from UK arts councils. “there were only 1,033 applications from individual artists to Arts Council England’s (ACE) Grants for the Arts (GFTA) fund in the 2009-10 financial year” [and there were just] “485 successful applications by individual artists in […]

The place of digital in Arts Council funding

500 organisations join forces to chide Arts Council England about its lack of concern for the regular funding of digital culture… “We the undersigned believe that clear national policies need to be developed to ensure that the UK can remain at the forefront of digital culture, globally, and that these must take account of the […]

More substantial posts on the Arts Council funding settlement

More substantial Arts Council funding reactions and round-ups:— Orchestra expert Norman Lebrecht sums up orchestras. Cuts to orchestras appear to amount to a blanket 11% fall. Animate Projects rightly asks why animation is not considered an art form by the Arts Council. Deemed too likely to morph into ‘video art’-by-another-name, would be my guess. East […]

Arts Council RFO funding for the West Midlands, 2012-2015

The Arts Council has just released its list of 695 organisations which are set to replace the Council’s previous “regularly funded organisations” portfolio of 849. 110 of these are new. 206 previously “regularly funded organisations” have had all funding cut. The arts in the UK will have around £2 billion of public money spent on […]

The Arts Council : Managed to Death

The Arts Council : Managed to Death (PDF link) now online from the Conservatives-aligned New Culture Forum, and written by the author of June 09’s not-wholly-convincing article on the Council in Standpoint.

Arts Council England, West Midlands to be abolished?

It seems that it may be goodbye to Arts Council England, West Midlands, as the nation hobbles joyously toward the 2012 Olympics. According to The Stage and the Council’s own restructuring plan, it will be effectively merged into a far larger Arts Council region that will cover “the Midlands and South-West” — that’s coast-to-coast from […]

Arts Council throws another £3m at The Public

Predictably, the Arts Council has just very noisily “refused” to give The Public its next annual funding tranche of £500,000. Having already given the place £31.5 million. Yet the Council has decided to pour another £3 million into keeping The Public open and “developing a new business plan”. Bizarre.

Cuts to the Arts Council

Apparently Arts Council England is to get its own dose of funding cuts — the DCMS is asking it for £4m of cash-releasing cuts to the cost of administering the Lottery and Grant-in-Aid, over three years. The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council is also being asked to make large savings, apparently 25% of admin costs, […]

“an Arts Council without the arts”

Oh dear, more trouble at t’ Arts Council. Now they’ve just lost one of their few artists, namely the writer Jackie Kay who has resigned as their main adviser for literature. She says the Council’s current re-structuring risks… “creating an Arts Council without the arts”. It’s another sign that we may soon have an arts […]

Arts Council show

Bloomsberg’s Martin Gayford is uninspired by the current exhibition of the Arts Council art collection… “one of the most dismal installations I have ever seen” … “It would be interesting to see a big, thorough survey exhibition of postwar British art … This definitely isn’t it. It looks like what it is — a report […]

CQ and the Arts Council

CQ: The Spring 2006 issue of Critical Quarterly leads with an essay by Andrew Brighton, about the Arts Council. “Consumed by the political: the ruination of the Arts Council” opens with the sterling suggestion that the Council and all its regional variations be abolished. You can guess the rest, but the argument is very elegantly […]

Arts Council criticised by Minister

Arts Cancel: The UK Culture Minister has some harsh words for the new Arts Council.

British Council arts boost

Excellent news that the British Council has reportedly had its annual arts funding increased by 33%, an extra £14m. That’s great news for the UK’s creative industries exports.

Birmingham City Council and the arts

Interesting lengthy blog post by Councillor Martin Mullaney (Lib Dem), on the arts and culture in Birmingham following the recent local elections in the city… “The new Labour [Party] administration [at] Birmingham City Council [has made] the decision to get rid of the position of Cabinet for Leisure, Sport and Culture and leave 95% of […]

Birmingham’s arts orgs “in crisis” says Council report

Birmingham’s official arts and culture orgs and venues “in crisis”… “according to a council report seen by the Birmingham Post […] The mac [Birmingham’s Midlands Arts Centre] is one of many arts organisations facing a severe financial crisis as city council and Government spending cuts begin to bite. [and] the crown jewels in Birmingham’s cultural […]

Council arts spending survey is out

Arts Development UK’s eighth annual local authority arts spending survey is out. Mailed to all arts or cultural officers in all authorities in England and Wales, it seems that only 29.9% even bothered to reply. But, among those, the general picture is the one that’s pertained for the last decade or more — ever declining […]

British Council arts cuts on hold

Still no West Midlands news, but it seems the British Council arts cuts are on hold, for now… “The controversial restructuring at the British Council has been suspended until further notice. The restructure was to see the literature team, along with specialist teams in dance, drama and music, disbanded to fit a new “project-based” multi-disciplinary […]

More on the arts cuts at The British Council

The Guardian wakes up to the arts cuts at The British Council: Changes at the British Council ‘appalling’, say leading artists… “More than 100 of Britain’s leading artists, from Lucian Freud to Bridget Riley to David Hockney to Rachel Whiteread, today put their names to a letter condemning one of the country’s most respected institutions: […]

British Council disbands arts units

The latest dismal arts kibosh from Gordon Brown: ‘British Council disbands arts units‘… “The British Council is disbanding its specialist arts departments … . Experts in the council’s departments of film, drama and dance, literature and visual arts are expected to leave the organisation as many see no place for themselves in the new structure.” […]

The 2017 Arts Index – a broadly positive picture for the UK

Ahead of the Budget, the advocacy organization National Campaign for the Arts has its bi-annual report out, on the health of UK arts funding. The 2017 Arts Index has been updated with statistics from 2014/15 and 2015/16. Note that they’ve translated all their figures into “per person”, which means the ever-rising UK population will appear […]