Tame games:
Computer games are descending into a stale pit of genre titles, and the industry could collapse because of it – so says John Dvorak, although he offers very little evidence beyond intuition and grumpy fogeyism. Well – perhaps proving him right – in just three minutes I can think of a few semi-innovative titles that don’t appear to exist: War Photographer (partial-stealth/sim); Fashion Empire Builder (biz-sim); Miners Strike 1984 (play Thatcher or Scargill); Zeppelin Commander (very slow air-power sim, for gamers who get air-sick); Modern Art (paint artworks and hype/sell them in a online trading system). Not too ground-breaking, admittedly, but at least vaguely novel. But how about Moggie Makeover (hilarious surrealistic comedy cat-sim); Grumpy Old Ladies (sly one-upmanship through deploying Alan Bennett lines); the Heath Robinson Construction Set; or Shamanic Journey (mystical / psychedelic / learning)?