Freelancer, with emphasis on the ‘free’:
Three months after I invoiced them, I’m still waiting for payment for freelance work I did for artsnet & marketing:arts. 🙁

One of the first computer-games to stray towards the sublime was Myst. I had long since give away my old boxed copy as a birthday present, when a year ago I found the Myst – Masterpiece Edition, at 99p in a budget bookshop. At that price I couldn’t resist taking it home. I downloaded some “access all areas” savegame files, and spent a pleasant afternoon wandering around the old haunts again. The same game has now been released yet again. This time it’s called RealMyst and is (apparently) completely re-rendered as a free-movement Quake-style 3D world, and features 32-bit colour with real-time weather effects and animal-life, no less. There’s a Windows demo of the Stoneship Age section to download, if you’re one of the lucky broadband users who don’t balk at downloading 46Mb 🙁 I’ll wait for the cover-disk which has it, I think.

Photoblog, meet typoblog:
As trailed by my recent link to the new blog, it seems the blog taxonomy continues to evolve up the evolutionary ladder. Meet the typoblogs. Be warned, they bite.

Broadband Britain:
This week’s Computing magazine editorial tells it like is, on the worrying state of UK broadband… “worrying complacency”, “we’d better snap out of this slothful short-termism fast”, and “forcing business into high-cost, high-connectivity clusters damages our competitiveness”.