A couple of years ago on D’log I mentioned a feature-length documentary about players of online multiplayer fantasy games, Second Skin. It’s was finished over a year ago, and has had tantalisingly excellent reviews while doing the rounds of the seemingly interminably DVD-delaying U.S. film festival circuit — and is now finally released on DVD in the U.S.A. on 25th August 2009. No sign of it on the U.K. Amazon yet.

Personally I read the game reviews and I’m interested in the economics of MMO games, but I’ve never seen the attractions of big online multiplayer PC games — pay-per-month, hostile griefers around every corner, wanna-be-in-our-gang mentalities, grinding for gold, illiterate players who can’t or won’t role-play, crude-looking graphics and FX (compared to single-player PC games, Eve excepted), unshapable worlds, badly-implemented multiplayer technology, server lag, wallet-sucking add-ons, need I go on… but it’ll be interesting to hear MMO players being honest about what they really get out of it.