How to export a plain-text playlist listing from the Spotify client:

No-one seems to be able to figure out how to copy the exact full listing (with timings and source album titles), so I made a tutorial…

1. Select (highlight) the top track by clicking on it. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, while clicking on the bottom track. All tracks are now highlighted and have a uniform background colour…

2. Launch Microsoft Office OneNote. Make sure you have a Project open, then: “Insert” / “Screen Clipping” / capture your playlist as an image, making sure you leave enough room above and below the text and have no little “speaker icon” next to a playing track.

3. Then right click on the newly auto-inserted image in OneNote, and click on “Copy Text from Picture”. The text goes to your clipboard…

My Sex Ultravox 3:02 Ultravox!

Man Who Dies Every Day Ultravox 4:11 Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hiroshima Mon Amour Ultravox 5:14 Ha! Ha! Ha!

Just for a Moment Ultravox 3:14 Systems of Romance

Quiet Men Ultravox 4:11 Systems of Romance

Dislocation Ultravox 2:59 Systems of Romance

Warm Leatherette The Normal 3:24 Warm Leatherette /T.V.OD.

Being Boiled (Fast Version) The Human League 3:51 The Very Best Of The Human League

The Setup Cabaret Voltaire 4:47 The Original Sound of Sheffield “˜78[B2

United Throbbing Gristle 4:07 The Second Annual Report of Throbbing Gristle

Hot on the Heels of Love Throbbing Gristle 4:24 20 Jazz Funk Greats

Back To Nature Fad Gadget 5:51 Mute Audio Documents: Volume 1: 1978-1981

Zero as a Limit The Human League 4:13 Reproduction

Are “˜Friends’ Elecfric? Gary Numan, Gary Numan 5:25 Replicas Redux

We Are So Fragile Gary Numan, Gary Numan 2:55 Replicas Redux

Cars Gary Numan 3:55 Premier Hits

You Are in My Vision Gary Numan, Gary Numan 3:14 Replicas Redux

We Have a Technical Gary Numan 8:04 Replicas

Furniture Music Bill Nelson 3:32 Sound on Sound

Fade To Grey – Extended Visage 5:42 12′ 80’s

Memorabilia – Extended Soft Cell 7:46 Non Stop Erotic Cabaret (Deluxe Edition)

Everything’s Gone Green New Order 5:32 Substance

Blue Monday New Order 7:27 Blue Monday

As you can see, it may need a little tweaking, but is basically sound. Using a screen-capture tool to enlarge the selection to twice the size, before loading it into OneNote, can help with difficult cases.

OneNote is one of the few popular applications that can “read” text in an image when it’s as tiny as it is in the Spotify client. That’s probably a payoff from the extensive typography research and development that Microsoft did in the 2000s.