Uh oh, here we go… the brave last stand of the newspapers is to be led by /sound a flourish of trumpets!/ the Associated Press with embedded DRM.


“The AP said that the [tracking] registry will utilize a microformat “wrapper” to encapsulate AP and member content. The system… “includes a digital permissions framework that lets publishers specify how their content is to be used online and … also supplies the critical information needed to track and monitor its usage.”

It’s possible the DRM will be simple steganography, silently embedded in the text. In which case simple software such as Text Cleaner will be your friend, if you regularly blog news wire stories.

If AP stories are wrapped with a complex “no view source”/”no copy & paste!” layer over the content — then Microsoft Office‘s OneNote OCR is your friend here (Open OneNote, then: “Insert” / “Screen Clipping” / capture your paragraph as an image / then right click on the auto-inserted image, and click on “Copy Text from Picture”. The text goes to your clipboard.) MS OneNote can OCR even small non-system fonts such as those found on Google Books pages.

And apparently even linking to AP or AP-sourced news articles will be “forbidden”. Durh.

“…the company’s position was that even minimal use of a news article online required a licensing agreement with the news organization that produced it. In an interview, he specifically cited references that include a headline and a link to an article, a standard practice of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, news aggregators and blogs.”