One of my nameplate designs for Typographica has been accepted and should be in the rotation by next week.

Landscape on the square:
Robert Brook is a talented photographer, from Shrewsbury in the West Midlands, working mostly in the square format. His site has extensive online galleries; make sure you see the Close Up Landscapes series (but be warned of some ‘forced full-screen’).

Charles Tomlinson, remembered:
No, don’t worry; he’s not died. I just remembered reading his Stoke poems when I was at university. My copy of his OUP Collected Poems is still buried in one or other of my many still-unopened house-moving boxes. “He must be on the web”, I thought, lazily. So I went to the comprehensive West Midlands authors’ information site Nothing there; it’s missing a major English poet. I banged off an e-mail telling them about it. It’s his 75th birthday year, so I went to the local paper’s web archive. No mention of him, even though he got a CBE from the Queen recently and grew up a stone’s throw from their current offices. I searched the local council & tourism sites; nothing. He was born in Stoke-on-Trent, grew up there for the first thirty years of his life, and wrote twenty-eight great Stoke Poems. He’s generally regarded as one of the best 20th Century English poets and certainly the equal of Larkin or Hughes. He’s now living in Gloucestershire and still publishing, apparently, in journals like New Criterion. He last gave a reading at Leicester in March 2002. I tried and had 50 matches which revealed that a new expanded Collected Poems came out in 1999. Finally I found that the Stoke Poems had been collected all in one place; in an audio-book published by Keele University. I banged off a letter to the local paper suggesting they should make a belated “75th birthday present” to the poet; by publishing one Stoke poem each week in their Sunday edition for the rest of 2002. šŸ™‚ Let’s hope this might “seed the clouds” a little for a resurgence of interest in his work.