Do we need yet another arts/cultural listings service? Well, we’ve got one — in the shape of Fused magazine’s new AREA Magazine [delinked, Feb 2012 – now a spam site]…

“This is the debut issue of AREA Magazine that covers July and August 09. We decided to combine the two months as there isn’t a great deal that happens in August as everyone is off on their holiday but from September we will be publishing AREA monthly.”

And rather nice it looks too…

View online.

More Canals than Venice has details about where you can pick up a paper copy.

Most interesting event (to me) that I didn’t know about already… 100 film costumes on show at Worcester Cathedral until 6th Sept 09. Fitting in nicely with the “Dress and Drawing” show at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (also ends 6th Sept 09). I wonder if the Cathedral is allowing photography?

   Update: no photography of the costumes is allowed, it seems.