Combat Tanks – retail version, free:
Probably the best ever ten-minute game for Windows, certainly the best game-play in any pre-’96 Windows arcade game. It’s Combat Tanks 1.0. Now the full retail version has been released for free, by the original author. Yes, the full registered version; after five years when no-one could unlock the old shareware version because the Red Herring company was defunct. Also get the shareware version, once you’ve grasped the full version; it features a “death ‘copter” which rains down bullets on you, and which was supposed to make you buy the registered version to get rid of it. But it actually just intensifies the game-play, because dodging behind walls fools it. Is Combat Tanks art? Probably not; but in 1995 it was possibly the most fun you could have with your trousers on.