‘Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross’:
The opening line of an old song that was one of the first I learned as a child. Ever wondered what a “cock horse” is? Take a look at this photographic archive of folk-culture “‘obby ‘oss” animals, the use of which has survived in a few remote English street festivals. Such ‘osses don’t seem to be the invention of a Victorian antiquarian; as the earliest written mention of hobby horses is from the mid-16th century, and there’s a painting of one from the 17th century. See the real thing in the streets down in Banbury at the end of June, in the town’s Hobby Horse Festival.

Nottingham again:
Two large online galleries of work by creatives in & around Nottingham. If you’re over in Nottingham any time before 29th June, the artists concerned have a joint show on at the Angel Row Gallery.