Note to self: Windows 7 will be half-price if pre-ordered from Amazon UK during 15th July – 14th Aug. £79.99 seems to be the likely price. (Update: it was actually better, £48)

Although I’m also thinking of dual-booting Ubuntu. Much as I dislike the seemingly endless dependencies of Linux apps, there are some rather tasty ones.

Sadly, Europe gets a crippled version of 7, thanks to meddling by the European Commission. Microsoft are apparently being forced to leave out the basic anti-virus that’s always offered at least minimal protection for newbies. Eek! And the dimwits at the European Commission have also apparently forbidden the U.K. sale of a cheaper Vista-upgrade version. We’ll all be expected to do a format and clean install, with the full version or nothing. Which is fine for me, because that’s what I’m planning anyway. But many people won’t be up to the task, even if they could find the time to backup all their data and re-install all their software.

Less choice, more expensive, less secure, more hassle — thanks, EC. I guess the bureaucrats in Brussels will be shipping their upgrade copies in by Air Mail from the U.S., then having a minion install it.