Mark Wood:
It’s still ever so slightly ‘under construction’ (missing menu buttons), but Midlands photographer & printmaker Mark Wood has launched his redesigned and re-filled gallery site on schedule today, 1st June. There’s a treat in the gallery section; all of his photos.

fuk all new fashion in Nottingham:
The rather good sent photographers to get straight-ups from the fashionista scene in Nottingham. They found students.

Naff is the new cool:
A major new web-site for the Midlands. Naff & conflicting multiple-typeface use, scrolling ticker-tape banner, a dodgy cliched logo, a timid layout, layers/style-sheets that get muddled up, no metatags(!), useless use of useless stock photography; all-in-all a very bad web-site indeed, but a very good idea. Midlands Fashion Showcase is a sort of proto Digita for West Midlands fashion designers & the wider rag-trade. Let’s hope it takes off, because even the fashion industry is really a knowledge industry today, and needs high-quality intelligence, skills-matching and foresight. The Showcase has been set up with £150,000 of the EU’s ERDF funding plus a bung from Birmingham City Council, and is aimed at the buyers for high-street retailers who want to source local product and talent. It’s a ‘first’ for Britain and was launched this Spring.