Back in November 2005 I blogged on D’log

“Future amateur photographers may be able to download a “Cartier-Bresson module” for their “Hot or Not? v1.0″³ Photoshop plug-in, giving their image a “1-to-10″³ aesthetic judgement when compared to a database of the compositions and dark-light spacings of Cartier-Bresson’s best pictures. As Cartier-Bresson once said of photography: “Il n’y a que coincidences” (‘there are only coincidences’). Could software detect some repeating patterns among those coincidences?””

I guess there were perhaps a few chortles and snorts at that suggestion. But now, four years later, comes news that..

“Penn State researchers have launched Acquine (Aesthetic Quality Inference Engine), for automatically determining the aesthetic value of a photo. Users can upload their own photographs for an instant Acquine rating, a score from zero to 100.”