“Gi’us a job-ette!”:

‘Twas nearly June,
and the shy crooning
of the work-experience lads
was heard in the land.’

I paraphrase (the Song of Soloman, I think). Every year it happens. First-year A-level students suddenly realise it’s nearly June; and their work-experience week is set for July. Their tutors told the lads (it’s always lads) before Easter to set something up for themselves. They filed it under “forget it until the exams are over”. So at the last minute they blast off begging e-mails to anything remotely trendy and/or webby, including me (as Anigma). None of them imagines that all possible trendy new-media placements will have been booked solid by whizzy undergraduates 12 months ago. None of them offers any self-taught skills or even the url of their personal web-site. They gush all that po-faced stuff they’ve been crammed with in their Personal & Social Life Skills Learning class; “I have gud self esteam and gud comunication skillls”, and want to learn programming & design in a week. Oh dear, Oh dear.

Gormenghast revisited:
It’s on GeoCities, so you’ll have to put up with Nicole Kidman’s grinning and the pop-ups, and some of the html is dodgy; but Birmingham artist & UCE B.A. Illustration graduate Michael Kenney has an interesting gallery & sounds site well worth visiting. Especially if you like multi-layered/painterly work with a gothic/macabre tone. More work by Michael can be seen over at his agent’s site.