Systems of Romance:
It’s a lottery, buying stuff from eBay. Not in terms of being swindled; that’s never happened to me. No, it’s the truffle-hunt for nostalgic items from lad-hood that can disappoint. That ‘totally hilarious’ Norman Wisdom film, Trouble in Store? A wooden turkey, today. The pop neo-romanticism of Ultravox’s 1978 album Systems of Romance; the one that mum sent to Oxfam after I went off to university and left it behind? Sounding better than ever on CD; and I must have listened to it so often that – even today – I expect the record to skip at certain moments where the original vinyl had a scratch. Kraftwerk’s ‘unavailable’ third album, Ralf and Florian? Still superb, but the LP’s sound somehow lacks that old magic freshness. The Fantastic Four Galactus issues? Memorable now more for Kirby’s artwork than Lee’s plots. So, perhaps it’s a mercy that certain items can’t be tracked down even on eBay. But… if you do happen to spot a CD copy of The Dancing Did‘s And Did Those Feet, please drop me a line, eh? 🙂