Digital Pockets:
Remember last weekend’s Koan-to-Flash work? It’s just an alpha but I’ve decided that I’ll develop it into a full artist’s submission to the Digital Pocket Gallery call-for-work, to meet their new 1st August deadline (extended from 1st May).

‘Why, oh why?’:
Someone asked me a week or so ago; “Why are you so parochial about Midlands artists and arts org’s?”. Wrong question. The question should be “Why, in a region which has the population of a small European nation, aren’t more people paying such close & inquisitive attention to the creative climate here?” The West Midlands alone has a population of over 5 million; larger than Finland, Norway, Ireland, Latvia, or Denmark. Combine that with the immediately adjacent towns of the East Midlands (Nottingham, Derby & Leicester) and you get an even higher population figure.

hush rush:; ambient music (as Eno originally imagined it) tiptoes very quietly into the realms of everyday sounds.