Pie & pint:
An excellent steak & ale pie, pints of caffeine, and conversation about (among other things) meeting Derrida and making off with his lecture notes. It must have been an evening out in the company of art photographer Mark Wood. We were at The Railway Inn, Longport, in Stoke-on-Trent. The Inn’s under new management and now offers a good chef-cooked menu at very reasonable prices. Then we went over to Mark’s home town of Leek, nestled in the moorland foothills of the Peak District, for more pub-sampling. Mark’s work is currently on show in Italy, and he’ll be re-launching his personal web-site on June 1st. Mark’s totally re-designing the site, and it’ll be filled with all his photos at a satisfying 600 x 400 size.

Tables, turning:
The Guardian University league-tables are out, for what it’s worth. Birmingham’s BIAD comes 17th in the 2002 ‘Top 80’ University Art & Design rankings, Staffordshire comes 23rd, Wolverhampton 45th, Worcester 50th, Coventry 68th. Birmingham Uni comes 8th in Music. Warwick comes 2nd in Media Studies, Birmingham Uni 7th. Nottingham does well, confirming my sense of a sudden creative resurgence of the East Midlands over the last 12 months; 6th in Architecture, 8th in Art & Design, 8th in History of Art. Loughborough does well too, 10th in Art & Design, 4th in Media Studies.

Church & wasteland:

(large version, 50kb)