Lots of juicy papers and some videos are now online from the latest MIT6 conference. Including: “The Scholarship of Sound and Image: Producing Media Criticism in the Digital Age”; “Do Mainstream Games Exist? : Reflections on Independent Game Culture”; “Video Games and Transmedia Storytelling”, and “Digital Cartographical Interfaces as Transformative Material Practices”, among others. And, being MIT, there are also lolcats in the mix: “The Digital and teh Cute”.

I’m currently working through the excellent 14-episode TV sci-fi series Firefly on DVD, so the MIT6 powerpoint “Versioning and the Fluid Text” (Powerpoint slides) was also interesting for being an indication that there’s academic thinking (outside of marketeering journals) about the sheer range and sophistication of the repurposing, repackaging, and merchandising of media content, and how this ties into what the fans are doing and thinking. The U.S. TV show Firefly for instance, has been…

A DVD set of the series. A HD DVD set of the series. A Blu-Ray DVD set of the series. Three books of academic essays on the series. A cinema movie. A DVD of the cinema movie. A Blue-Ray DVD of the cinema movie (with all sorts of extras). Two multi-cover comic-book mini-series, with a plot sitting between the end of the series and the start of the film. Two hardback graphic novels made from the collected comics mini-series. A commercial role-playing game in rule-book form, significantly expanded with fan-made content and commercial scenarios. A web-only set of shorts as a prequel to the series. Several fan-made films. And I think also a couple of novelisations, ‘companion’ books, the scripts in book form, and inumerable posters, naff action-figure toys, t-shirts, etc.

… and all that from one TV series that was cancelled even before the series ended its first showing on TV.