Edge magazine on the need for a viable British National Videogame Archive

“There are terabytes of videogame culture heading into a black hole,”­ “¬and we don’t seem to be able to preserve the recent past in a form other than on T-shirts.”

Talking of games, there’s a free Birmingham event coming up soon: “The future of gaming” with David Hayward…

“David Hayward of games industry consultancy Pixel-Lab will talk about the history of games, the rapid changes that have occurred in the past few years, and the directions they are likely to go next. There are potentially intractable problems faced by game developers working on artificial intelligence and visual realism, but these problems in themselves raise interesting questions about how humans work, why we play games, and what they mean to us.”

The talk will be held at Austin Court (at the back of the ICC), from 6pm on 9th April 09.