The tiger stretches:
UK Trade Partners has a recent report available (PDF, 3.4MB), surveying the current state of the creative industries in China. It’s interesting to know what the Chinese have at home, because that may give some hints about what their ‘cultural tourists’ might travel abroad to see; the World Tourism Organization predicts that outbound Chinese tourism will be 100-million a year by 2020. In the UK, that might translate to 200,000 cultural tourists from China each year, complementing the existing 250,000 high-sending (£81 a day while in the UK) Japanese tourists. If Chinese visitors echo the cultured interests of many Japanese (Beatrix Potter, the Brontes, Shakespeare, ceramics, National Trust properties, fashion, etc), then that could be a significant boost for parts of our cultural & heritage industries. Or another sector might benefit; rock concerts for instance… “there are only 17 professionally designed and equipped concert halls in all of China”.