City of Puncture:
Sadly, there won’t be a Birmingham Carnival this year. The City Council had to stump up £200,000 last year to bail it out, and has refused to give the same amount yet again. The City Council told the carnival committee in early March that they had to find a sponsor. They didn’t, so it’s been cancelled. Better catch the Mayor’s Jubilee Parade and the Birmingham Pride Carnival on 2nd June then, if you want to experience a big Brummie carnival. Or just a big Brummie 😉 If Pride can do it without using too much public money (£10,000 from West Midlands Arts & some free Council road-closures), why can’t the Carnival? Did the organisers calculate that the Council wouldn’t dare refuse more funding, in the run-up to the City of Culture 2008 bid? Perhaps some witty BritArtists will pull a convoy of kiddy toy-trucks along the Carnival route instead, piled high with burning Monopoly money.