Spooky photos:
The photos below are just a tad too late for Halloween, sorry. I went out yesterday to see if I could make some eerie images, locally. The obvious choice was to cycle up to The Old Abandoned Quarry (I think they filmed some hide-behind-the-settee episodes of Dr. Who here, in the 70s)….

(large version, 165kb)

(large version, 135kb)

Not very spooky at all, actually; more like “cor, look at those interesting earth textures!” Next stop was The Dark & Lonely Rural Hilltop Houses; one of which is handily abandoned, boarded-up & starting to fall over….

(large version, 195kb)

(large version, 60kb)

Then over to The Dark Pool In The Woods, where some suitably uncanny reflections were to be seen on the pool’s surface….

(large version, 100kb)

(large version, 40kb)

(large version, 60kb)

But then I got bored of the theme, and decided to make some beautiful images from the pool’s surface….

(large version, 90kb)

(large version, 75kb)

(large version, 90kb)