Amazing MX:
My friend Pete got me a copy of Macromedia Flash MX today (thanks, Pete!). Among many other things to do with web animation, it now does video for in-page playback. MX’s Spark codec washed some of the colour out of my test video-clip (I’ll spare you 14-seconds of curious moo-cows), but it gave a small file size even with video controls; and so is ideal for offering a thumbnailed “in page” preview of a larger video file. I also made this with it today; I like to think it evokes flowers stalks & buds and sometimes ventures towards the ‘art nouveau’. It’s actually a clock. Yes, a clock; although I defy anyone to tell the time from it. The two larger rings rotate to reflect minutes and seconds respectively, and the smaller inner one rotates to show the hours. All of which means that it’s very generative; never the same pattern twice. If you can’t see it then you need to go get the latest Flash 6 plug-in 🙂