Culture, flowering:
Beautifully composed and lit flower photos gallery. Albeit marred by a couple of slugs; two examples of dreadfully cliched ‘trace edges’ Photoshop pery. The gallery’s from Edge magazine. No, that’s not the computer-game designer’s magazine of the same name, but a very ‘l33t techie-lectuals mag. Although actually both are in much the same game of constructing exciting and inhabitable worlds.

Terry happies:
Birmingham’s Terry Hulme‘s home-page; possibly the nation’s worst graphic-design + links to the evil registration forms & pop-ups of and But the music’s worth it, so instead visit Terry’s web-only 2001 album The Raven, which can be freely heard using RealPlayer over at The I Travel track is exceedingly noddable.

Meet Dean and George:
While we’re detouring away from the visual arts into electronica for a moment, let me mention…. Dean Cook; photo gallery, comic strips, electronica (as Machine Boy), fiction and more. George Bond; music and more from Birmingham. Together Dean & George run Shotgun Charlie, a thriving record label based in Brum.

A whole arts festival devoted to trees. And it’s happening down in Salisbury, now.

Sample this:
Fifteen second-year students at BIAD, not content with waiting until their final year to show their work, have taken the initiative and put on an exhibition. It’s to be called SAMPLE: not what is to come, but what is here now, and will be at Birmingham’s Custard Factory from 6th to 12th June 2002. The launch event will be at 6pm on 6th June 2002. Good for them. Sadly there’s no web-site for the show, but among the photographers featured are: the promising Martin Callanan, whose site has featured in D’log before (a 12-foot long hand-made book across the gallery floor which features ethereal photographs of the horizon, looking at the nature and development of relationships, + a collection of formalistic prints about consumerism); James Johnson (social reportage of pastimes which cut across social classes); and Stewart Wells (fun photos which entertain).