MIA too:
Media International Australia No. 112, August 2004, is a special issue of the journal, on Creative Networks. Mostly a good deal of ‘re-stating the blummin’ obvious, using obscurantist language’. But there are a few pithy barbs. An interesting conclusion from a study of Northern Ireland….

“The undoubted success of the region’s cultural economy was despite, rather than because of, the region’s existing support-systems and infrastructure.”

On the ‘me-to’ rush of cities for a ‘Angel of the North’-style super-sculpture, an ‘iconic’ waterfront glass tower, and a whistlestop lecture by Sir Conran….

“This naive imitative process is perhaps best described as a policy-maker’s ‘cargo cult’, in which the meaningless totems of aspirational development are regularly constructed (with the help of ‘witch doctors’) but the spirits of success are rarely bestowed.”