Creative spaces 2:
Strangely enough, an article in the latest Blueprint magazine echoes my recent musing about the precise nature of spaces that encourage creativity. The recipe, according to the descriptions in the article, is: bespoke lighting, leather sofas, a pool table, a cappuccino machine. Polished wood floors in white cubes with high ceilings. Glowing iMacs & an enormous table. But I’d say that’s a picture of a fairly conformist (and dated) appeal to social status, rather than a truly ‘creativity max’ environment. The giveaway clue? “The clients love it”, warbles one creative. Yes, client shmoozing is vital, of course – but where’s the evidence-based research on how different spaces boost or inhibit creativity? It’s be nice to at least have this on the agenda, rather than the usual…. “Hey, look kids – there’s an old abandoned warehouse up there on the hill! Let’s put on the show there!”