Midlands talent, the new crop:
A couple of new ‘under construction’ web-sites for forthcoming Midlands art & design graduate shows: DEDUCE (2002 UCE/BIAD grad show site) & Ideas As Big As Your Head (2002 Coventry University grad show site). The sites should be ready in a few days. The Staffordshire University main Art & Design show launches on 13th June 2002. Still no news about Wolverhampton’s dates or site, and their Art & Design Dept’s web-pages are about three years out-of-date. 🙁 Don’t let that deter you from going, though; their huge show is always excellent, and judging by the amount of prizes their photography students have won this year, the photography should be even better than previous years.

A few months back I wrote I was reading a pre-publication draft of a new report. Now it’s out in final form; Digital Media Skills in the North East of England (680kb, PDF). The research was carried out 2000/early-2001. Skip the tedious intro and go straight to pages 21 to 29 for revealing stuff about employer’s recruitment methods and options. Interestingly…. “self-taught people were often preferred over newly-qualified graduates”, because they are able to ‘hit the ground running’ and are cheaper to employ.

Brummie Blogger!:
Andy Pryke tentatively joins the select rank of Brummie bloggers. All, er… six of us. No pics, but lots of interesting text.