Swanning around:
There’s a swan’s nest near to my local off-road cycle-path. On a patch of green grass, looking like some four-foot easter basket and topped with a sleeping white swan. Today I cycled past and it was empty; I sadly assumed that it had been built in the wrong place and the birds had been scared off their nest. I hadn’t taken photos of the nest for precisely that reason. But then, further along the canal, I saw the two swans and their six tiny baby swans. The eggs had hatched, was all that had happened.

Metier is the national training org for the UK’s arts and entertainment sectors. But searching their site for keyword ‘digital’ or ‘interactive’ gets…. zero results both times 🙁

Move it:
“Want to launch a career as a [pop video] director? Then it might be a good idea to move out of London.” A quote from the editor of April’s Promo magazine (the monthly guide to the latest pop promos, not the big USA marketeers journal of the same name).

Forsyth sythed:
As some readers may know, I’m a fan of BBC Radio 4. So I was sorry to hear that the BBC is to ditch Frederick Forsyth. Now the BBC has added insult to injury by disgracefully cutting short his contract so that he can’t make his final farewell ‘Saturday Essay’ talk on Today. He’s a rubustious journalist and a powerful speaker who’s been part of the programme for two years. So why has he been asked to go? The only reason that anyone can see is his trenchant political views on Tony Blair. The BBCi site still has RealAudio copies of his talks; so see what you think. How long, I wonder, before fellow novelist and Blair-skeptic Will Self is silenced too? Actually, any week now; he’s being booted out too. “If you disagree with this government,” says Forsyth “you’re not just wrong, you’re a bad person.” Apparently Forsyth’s already been snapped up by the Mail on Sunday.

Pebble Mill:
Talking of the BBC, I hear that the regional development agency (Advantage West Midlands) will take over Birmingham’s BBC Pebble Mill studios site in 2004. The BBC will wind down operations there while AWM attempts to find uses/buyers. Something unique perhaps; a world-class puppet theatre, with training and an annual festival?