There’s money in it:
Taiwan has announced it will follow the Singapore development model; and a major part of this will be “focussing on the huge potential of cultural, creative and design industries” for the first time. They’re set to spend £54 billion on a six-year Plan. I imagine they hope to supply China with creative design; but surely China’s huge population of designers (with their ‘cultural competence’ and localisation savvy) will always outgun Taiwan? While Japan will always outgun them in innovation and ‘the cutting-edge’? Anyway, I wonder sometimes if the west’s Creative Industries development model – traipsing around the globe hand-in-hand with the simplistic ‘single box’ media-convergence hypothesis – is actually an inflexible and outdated one-size-fits-all template. Under which the old ‘centralised & top-down’ mass-media paradigm is able to bed down for a few more years of state subsidies? While the emerging many-to-many grassroots web-media, the niche microbusinesses, and the loose local clusters which act as ‘cultural capital banks’ have to make do with occasional lip-service.

There’s a word for it:
I now know the word for the bike equivalent of web ‘surfing’. The word is ‘flow’; for when you know an off-road cycle route inside-out. Eg: “I can flow the single-track up on Lecky really nicely now”. Oddly enough, ‘flow’ is also the theme for this November’s Doors of Perception in Amsterdam.

There’s a blog for it:
The Arts & Letters Digest of the beauty world is

There’s a satire for it:
‘Gay Professors On The March Across Europe’; Mark Steyn writing at his best in today’s Daily Telegraph (free registration required). Hilarious, and spot-on.

Lights out:
I’ve decided to save my recent ‘lights’ photos from languishing in the D’log archives and make them the new gallery show.