There’s now a reasonably polished 0.5 Windows version of the seam-carving software Liquid Rescale 0.5.1 for GIMP (GIMP being the free open-source Photoshop -like image editing software). It’s free and open-source.

The prospect of having native seam-carving in Photoshop is something that photographers have been drooling over since summer 2007. There was a Photoshop plugin that did very basic seam-carving; Picutel Smart Resize 1.0. It cost $95, the company behind it seems to have vanished (domain-squatted website, no trace of a new website via Google), and it’s no longer available to buy or even download.

A very polished version of seam-carving is available in the new Photoshop CS4’s ‘Extended’ version ( Adobe hired Shai Avidan, one of the Israeli team who invented seam-carving), under the name ‘Content Aware Scaling’ (.mov video). But ‘Extended’ is an expensive version of Photoshop (£880). So a ’round-trip’ from Photoshop to seam-carve in GIMP seems like a nice free alternative.