Museums Libraries Archives West Midlands held two panel events recently, both of which seem to have been completely missed by the blogs and the press. But the MLA have posted lengthy summaries online. 12th September 08 saw Culture vs. Commerce: “a live debate to explore issues around the business and economics of culture”…

“Where a debate does exist it is actually within cultural organisations themselves, where the curatorial element can be at odds with development and commercial factions” (Peter Tullin).

“Why are we so embarrassed about culture and learning in this country, when all levels of society in Spain, France and Italy have a strong knowledge and sense of pride in things historic and cultural?” (Kathleen Soriano)

And 14th November 08 saw Culture, Identity and Community: “how culture can make a difference to communities”. This second one seems to have been more of a ‘say nice things about your organisation for ten minutes each’ panel than a real debate.