A delicious HD (1080i) video shot with the new Canon 5D II camera , and (apparently) with nothing done to it in post production other than the editing.

Even without skilled lighting and lens-swopping work the video output still looks excellent. I’m already thinking that the 5D II has to be the next step up from my current Canon camera .

Digital Journalist has a review of the 5D II, with special focus on the new HD movie capabilities…

“Not only did it truly have that “filmic” look, isolating the characters [using depth-of-field], but it also achieved a level of black that had never been seen on video”

…which makes me think it’s going to be very interesting for B&W movies. But Digital Journalist also has warnings about some of the drawbacks that arise from mating a still camera with a movie camera : ergonomics; wobbly video without a tripod; the need for manual focus when shooting video; ‘cool down’ time after long takes; the need for a massive 16Gb storage card; a battery that will only give an hour of filming.