Nutopia: Exploring The Metropolitan Imagination on 2nd & 3rd April 09, to be held inside and around Cardiff’s Victorian and Edwardian arcades

“The aim of the [multi disciplinary] symposium is to create a map of perspectives revealing our thoughts on the 21st century metropolitan ‘imagination’ [as it relates to] the nature of community, the human narrative, the new — utopias which we may be able to find present amongst contemporary town planning and architecture.”

It sounds a little fuzzy, but it’s interesting for the attempt to break free of the grim confines of the traditional conference centre…

“your presentations will be located in different places in the city eg. Floor 5 of NCP Carpark, Arcade basement, in a cafe/pub, or in shopping centres/arcades/ office spaces etc in order to contextualise the discussion and to create a dynamic between what is being discussed and a physical place. The audience will be small and all presentations will be documented in location.”

[ Hat-tip: Nunovo ]