Sticky-backed plastic:
Watching all that Blue Peter obviously had some effect. Since I seem to have fixed my broken Fuji Finepix 601 digicam. The camera would work OK for a short while with a bit of tapping and a firm thumb-press on a particular spot on the case. But keeping the thumb pressed there while taking the picture was a pain. The problem was obviously in/to the flickering CCD, since image-playback and audio-recording was rock-solid. But the problem kept getting worse and worse. So I opened it up tonight, for one last time before abandoning it. This time I noticed that the whole of the top block/bundle of electronics was a bit wobbly and loose in the case. So I got a tiny 5mm strip of black masking tape, folded it up in-four, then stuck it onto the inside of the case with a fragment of BluTack; right where my thumb had pressed. This keeps the whole block pressed in nice and tight; and I so now have my pocket-sized camera back and fully functional!