ComicWorks v1.0:
The first Japanese comic-creation software freely available in the west, ComicWorks. I’ve tried it out and it’s a fairly basic demo: only partially in English, B&W only, no balloons, no comic-book fonts. I’m not sure it’s worth the $100 asked. But, there’s no time-limit and you can export to a PNG. The same company has an interactive comic-creation tutorial package CGIllust v2.0. CGIllust is the sort of skills-sharing product I was talking about in my previous posting, only it adds collaborative sharing of user-made tutorials, which load up in the software. Apparently there’s now also an English-language PC-only version of the main Japanese manga-creation sofware, Comic Studio v2.0, called Comic Studio Mini; but it’s a cut-down version and is only available bundled with Wacom’s Intuos 2 graphics-tablets in the Asia-Pacific market.