Tent tech:
BlogAds posts on new tent technologies. Like earth/cob houses, I imagine these work best in dry climates and countries with lots of cheap land. But fascinating, nonethless. Sadly there’s no way to pitch a tent in my garden because it’s essentially the yard of a terraced house. Although it’s been made into something rather different from the usual depressing “concrete & bricks” yard. Weeds & brambles; gone. Walls; re-pointed & painted. Raised beds of earth; created. Roses, herbs & gooseberry bushes; thriving. Woodwork; painted. Pots; yes, although they’re a pain to keep watered. Concrete; shingled over with sacks of beach-pebbles (big ones so cats don’t use it as a giant litter-tray) & then studded with stepping-stones. Bench; nice wooden one for £29 from B&Q. Tent; nope.