Old Flashers:
As I’ve said here before, the retirees of the Baby Boomer generation are going to be very different “old folks” than the generation that won the war. According to the market-spin (“shields up, Scotty!”) over-fifties are now 44% of the population, have 80% of the wealth in the UK, and are worth £260 billion p.a. in disposable income. They buy more rock music than people under 30. Such changes assume changes in the way regions market themselves. “North Staffordshire – great healthcare – a fine region for baby-boomers to grow old in”?, anyone?

Secondlifestyle have just spent two years researching this ‘new’ population segment, to launch a new web-site this weekend. It’s “Flash only”. Flash not turned on? – no admittance. Once you get inside, the typeface is a microscopic 7-point Verdana. You can almost hear the over-50s muttering, “Which young prat designed this, then?”.