Feel the Bass:
Staffordshire-based Bass Beer company have set up a creative web showcase, redism. It’s open to anyone, and there are monthly themes set by guest curators. The current show is ‘Portrait Photography’. Congratulations to a West Midlands company for digging into its pockets and funding something like this. And yes; their current cover photo does look rather like my light photos of a few days ago. And no; I didn’t get the idea from them 🙂

Ugh, I have a cold 🙁 Suitable rainy weather for it too. But anyway; I’ve been looking at the site logs again. So far this month; 3713 visits, 57,979 hits. Most of the traffic comes from Google, but also some from: styleboost (I would love to say I’m listed on this one, but I can’t find the link that’s giving me referrals), Kooky Mojo, Ben Hammersley, photo-blog.de, MIT’s blogdex, Jonny5alive, and Designer’s Network.