Instant photography books:
A print-on-demand square-spine 20-page photography book, size 8″ x 6″, four-colour ink on heavy glossy acid-free paper, for only $9.95 (about £5 & postage to the UK). Apparently MyPublisher uses Indigo digital presses; so it’s not Tashen quality, and you wouldn’t want gallerists & collectors squinting closely at the print quality. But there are no large print-runs to pay for up-front, so you’d order each copy only when you’ve pre-sold that copy. In the 20 pages you can have up to 80 photos; so it seems ideal for producing good-quality sale catalogues for a small gallery show.

Comments about the service, that I found on DPreview and other forums: “It may not be the very best quality, but the people loved it.” / “You can see the dots if you look close. Most “regular” people wouldn’t even notice.” / “the colors were shifted a little” / “The photos are not ‘perfect’ and do not match the quality of a Frontier printer.” / “the binding is first rate” / “they want 600dpi for B&W” / “the only auto-adjustment they run is to sharpen the images” / a photography teacher wrote…. “The printing is CMYK at 150 LPI using a square dot pattern. My grayscale images (saved RGB) were slightly warm in color, but not to the point of distraction. The RGB’s printed faithfully to the original, though I did have several images that printed slightly darker than my originals appear on my calibrated 17″ monitor. Overall I am pleased. While the printing can not be compared to high end inkjet prints, it is quite satisfactory and clearly has the look and feel of a published photo book, though not book-quality in the printing. I feel the quality of the images is directly related to the quality of the file uploaded. Any problems may be blamed on the files themselves, not the printing process.” / “They are good enough to use as sell copies at small gallery shows.”.