Whooohooo… Halloween. Time for a West Midlands ‘list of 10’ for spook, in no particular order…

1. I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle (feature-film).

2. Wild Edric: A Narrative Poem (book-length poem).

3. Suburban Glamour (graphic novel).

4. The Dancing Did. And Did Those Feet (album).

5. Franc Brett Young’s Cold Harbour (Novel, 1924).

6. Mary Webb’s Gone to Earth (novel 1917, filmed in 1950 by Powell & Pressburger then restored by the BFI in 1985).

7. Trevor Dalton’s The Possession Legacy (horror fantasy novel)…

“A tale of modern day vampires is set in Wales and the West Midlands. The book’s monsters walk the streets of Bromsgrove…”

8. Horror Express, a Birmingham-based horror fanzine, with the latest 108-page edition (inc. interview with Alan Moore) available to buy via Lulu.

9. What Was Lost (novel)…

“A strange ghost of a girl begins appearing in the service corridors of Green Oaks [shopping centre in Birmingham].”

10. Arnold Bennett’s short-story “Phantom” (as a podcast by Bill Coon of LibriVox) …

“‘Phantom’ extends normal human relationships a little way over the boundaries of the supernatural, and also contains one of Bennett’s finest prose descriptions of the Potteries night-landscape as seen from the top of a hill overlooking Bursley [Burslem, in Stoke-on-Trent].”