The Birmingham Post relaunched today with a new-look website…

After: 20th October 08.

Before: February 08.

… plus a mobile phone-specific version. And, of course, the redesigned tabloid-sized paper edition. All delivered from Fort Dunlop. News coverage of business and finance matters get a timely expansion of range and depth, and the whole paper has apparently been re-oriented to appeal more to younger professionals aged 25 to 44 — and the advertisers who want to reach them.

No doubt it’ll take three weeks or so to bed down, so evaluating it now might be a bit unfair. But, as yet, there seem to be no pictures / Flickr sets showing the layout of the new paper version. I guess bloggers and netheads are not so interested in paper, and there’s not yet been an online rush of typographers and designers eager to fisk the new look of the paper edition. Apparently there have been major changes in the use of colour, typography, and use of headings. I’ll be picking up a my first new-look copy on Wednesday.

Update: BINS steps up with a photo of the new front page, and an analysis of the layout.