Nu txt:
With 80 percent of the population owning a mobile phone, the Motorola company commissioned Birmingham’s Sadie Plant to work out “how we use phones”; in the hope of identifying market segements which are not yet addressed. Sadie’s new report is called On The Mobile (PDF, 1.3Mb). In pubs and clubs, both men and women are likely to have both phones out and lying face-up on the table. But some women won’t, if it’s a “heart to heart” meeting. Men may feel intimidated if their mate has a better/newer phone on the table. People increasingly stare at their phone screens, as well as make voice calls, as SMS texting and screen-games become second-nature. But they’ll tend to do this singly. Oh, and people tend to keep “secret” mobiles that their partner doesn’t know about.

I’ve got an IDEA for you:
The 4th IDEA Awards are now up and running. It’s Britain’s top digital-photography prize, courtesy of The Association of Photographers. This year there’s a new category for students, too. The deadline is 12th July 2002.

World-class British surrealist photography; presumed extinct, but found alive and well at (click the ‘exit’ link to quit the forced full-screen viewing).

Fashion zeitgeist sampling:
The latest sightings: Clothes your granny wore (Little House on the Prarie meets the Blitz, via the seaside fortune-teller); ‘The beach’ via highly coloured clothes (but not single colours – think intricate weavings, think “Joseph’s multicoloured dreamcoat”) and braided hair (the Hippy Look strays toward the Teutonic) with strong & wide pastel-coloured eyeliners. And emerging – Pork-pie hats, the 60s Twiggy ‘bob fringe’ haircut, waistcoats, black horse-riding boots. Another Two-tone Mod revival / black and white colours for Autumn 2002? (Oh, and about art? If it’s not from New York, then the fashionistas don’t want to know.)

Magnificent Melanie:
I’ve been saving my breath on Israel – but Melanie Phillips tells it so straight about Israel that it’s got to be linked to.