Recipe for DVD relish:
Multi-region DVD players are everywhere these days. But you’ll need a new NTSC-capable TV to watch US DVDs. Hmm…. expensive. So, you might be thinking of playing US DVDs on your PC? Who wouldn’t, with the dollar/pound exchange-rate the way it is, and’s bargains only a click away. But there’s that annoying DVD region-coding to contend with. Here’s my recipe: one big PC monitor tweaked for faithful colour; capable PC graphics & sound cards; a no-region DVD-ROM drive bought before the year 2000 (drives had a region-code “locked in hardware” after that); a copy of PowerDVD or some other suitable software player. Stir in a copy of the freeware DVD Genie region-code changer. Apply the resulting mix to DVDs from the US version of eBay (many sellers will ship outside the US if asked, most of whom don’t show up on the UK version). Garnish with a nice PayPal account.