Does the New Authenticity mean I can now admit to enjoying pinball? Without people laughing? Let’s hope so. OK, I admit they’re fairly meaningless games; but, as meaningless experiences go, I find them pretty entertaining. It’s something to do with that odd blend of popular culture, engineering/craft, and fine skill vs. blind luck. Topped with a splodge of nostagia for the crumbling British seaside arcades of the mid 1970s. And the fact that you don’t have to read a 300-page manual to understand how to play them.

Anyway, I transfered some of my BitPass micropayments earnings over to PayPal and then went on a weightless mini-spree of online buying. One of the useful things about 3D pinball simulations is that they are currently deeply unfashionable in the PC gaming world, so although they take a little tracking down, they usually sell for very little. I spent a total of about $45 on eBay and various online shops, and I’m now the proud owner of all the top ten pinball simulations for the PC/Windows.