Eiffel my pockets:
This month’s AN magazine has some shocking revelations about what it takes to work as an artist in France….

“…to ‘be an artist’ in France one is required to sign up with the Maison des Artistes which thus provides an official artistic status. … one is admitted based on presentation of a portfolio and a CV. In order to maintain the status of ‘artist’ one is required to make a minimum annual profit of 6,100 euro (£4,250) solely from sales and exhibition fees. Teaching and workshops are only allowed for a small proportion of this sum.” And how does one obtain the needed sales & exhibition fees in a… “highly structured and rigid funding system that has difficulty responding to individual initiatives and creativity in any form.”, and where there are very few newsletters containing information about commissions and opportunities? It seems hitting the state’s annual income targets is… “usually a question of being on the right side of the local arts advisor”. The sclerotic corruption of the French arts scene is just one aspect of the the deepening corruption of France, it seems.